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The PP3330-PO Stackable Export Pallet is great for Export or One-Way shipping. It is a low cost pallet, light weight with 3 snap-on-runners. Easy to handle weighing 30 pounds compared to a wood pallet at 45-55 pounds.

The snap-on runners make this pallet stackable and rackable up to 1,300 pounds As a Nestable Export Pallet, this reduces freight costs by volume when shipped nested and then snap on the runners at your plant. There are 53 pallets per stack for a total of 936 Stackable Export Plastic pallets and runners per truck load. These pallets can be shipped to you assembled for an additional charge. Shipping assembled pallets reduces the load to 510 pallets per truck load.

This maintenance free Stackable Export Plastic Pallet is ISPM 15 compliant, resistant to insects, bacteria and fungus,. Plastic pallets are an Environmentally Friendly Product Made from 100% Recycled Plastic material and these pallets can be recycled. These Plastic Pallets are designed after the GMA (Grocery Manufacturers Association) pallets specifications. This has become the most common pallet size for the United States shipping industry.