48×40 Plastic Export Pallet – PP1000


48 x 40 x 5.2 plastic pallet with open deck. This pallet is nestable with 78 pallets per stack and 73 pallets for LTL Shipments. This pallet is great for Export or One-Way shipments and meets ISMP 15 requirments.

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The P1000-PO 48×40 Export Plastic pallet is great for Export or One-Way shipping. It is a low cost pallet, light weight and Low Height. The PP1000-PO Export Plastic Pallet is easy to handle being only 12 pounds and reduces freight costs by volume. There are 78 pallets per stack for a total of 2340 Plastic pallets per truck load. That compares to 4 truckloads of wood pallets to 1 truckload of Plastic Pallets. Export Plastic Pallets are ISPM 15 compliant since they are Resistant to Insects, Bacteria and Fungi, thus making them maintenance free.  Plastic pallets an Environmentally Friendly Product Made from 100% Recycled Plastic material and these pallets can be recycled.