Collapsible Wire Container 48 x 40 x 36 – WB484036/30

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Collapsible Wire Container? 48 x 40 x 36, Model WB484036/30,?48 x 40 wire mesh containers are robotically welded.? The Collapsible Wire Container? 48 x 40 x 36 industrial? container provides the strength and durability needed in any warehouse storage?application. Each of the industrial wire containers is galvanized after welding, which provides a durable finish that will not wear or rust. The containers are collapsible and are capable of stacking 10 high when collapsed or 4 high when fully loaded, which saves valuable
warehouse space. Custom wire containers can be manufactured upon request.

Depth x width x OD Height / ID:??40″ x 48″ x 36″ /30″

Container Tare Weight: 151.5 Lbs.

? Collapsible and stackable design
? High-quality electrogalvanized finish
? Standard half front drop gate
? Robotically welded feet and understructure
? Heavy-duty locking handle design
? Precision welded 2″ x 2″? 2 ga. wire


  • Label Placards
  • Casters
  • Heavy Duty Feet
  • Heavy Duty Feet with Palletr Runner Bars

? Full drop gate
? Swing gate
? Dividers
? Hinged lid
? Stacking guides
? Fork pockets
? Fork stirrups
? 4-way runners
? Removable lid
? Collapsible rigid design