Used 48x45x34 Bulk Container – BC48453420BH

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B&G Industries LLC provides Bulk Containers in various sizes and material. The 48x45x34 Bulk Container is for Heavy-Duty application. The 48x45x34 bulk container has a weight load capacity of 2500 Lbs. We can also provide discounts on New Bulk Containers . We provide them in recycled material or virgin resin. We can also provide these bulk containers in other colors based on your needs.

Bulk Container 48x45x34


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Bulk Container distribution in various dimensions and materials. The heavy-duty 48″x45″x34″ bulk container comes in virgin resin (approved for FDA/USDA applications) and recycled materials. 2500 lbs. load capacity for the 48″x45″x34″ bulk container. We have new bulk containers and discounts on used bulk containers. Color options for your particular application.

Model #: BC48453420BH (48x45x34 bulk container)

48x45x34 Bulk Container Specifications:

External Dimensions: (L) 47.6″ x (W) 44.6″ x (H) 34.0″
Internal Dimensions: (L) 44.3″ x (W) 41.3″ x (H) 27.1″
Door Opening Dimensions: (L) 27.1″ x (H) (D) 14.0″ – Two doors on the length (L) side
Fork Tunnel Dimensions: (48″ Side) (W) 11.9″ – (H) 3.3″
Fork Tunnel Dimensions: (45″ Side) (W) 10.5″ – (H) 3.7″
Capacity: Weight – 2500 LBS. / Volume – 28.7 cu. ft.
Other Features”: Collapsed Height 13.6″ Tare Weight: 163.0 LBS.
Shipping: Return Ratio- 3:1 / 53′ / Truck Opened – 84 / Truck collapsed – 224
Stock color: Black

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