Plastic Pallets vs Wood Pallets

“Plastic or wood pallets?” Which one is better? many companies are asking along with, “what are the advantages of plastic pallets”. Both have their place

Plastic Pallets Changing the World

Stackable Plastic pallets“Plastic or wood?” is the question many companies are asking along with, “what are the advantages of plastic pallets”.

Both have their place within the manufacturing and shipping industries, so the question then becomes when do we use plastic?

The main disadvantage of plastic pallets is that they cost more than wood, but in the right application, plastic pallets can be less expensive based on the number of turns per pallet’s life.

Wood is more widely used for all applications and definitely has its place when shipping out on a pallet that will not be returned.

Many companies are looking to become greener and are looking to use recyclable or recycled material.

There are those that say wood as is recyclable as plastic and they do have a point, but that is totally separate discussion that will not be covered here.

The most common uses are for in-house storage and movement of work in process and finished goods.

The other common application is for closed-loop systems, moving products (work–in the process), from one plant to another or parts/products that are used in the production system that is made by an outside vendor.

Shipping finished products to a distribution center or using plastic pallets to store products in racks until they are ready to ship out, in which the DC will then put the finished products on a slip sheet for shipping.

This is more common in the food industry.

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Pallet Attributes

Pallet Weight : 0
Nestable : N/A
Dimensions : 0
Height : 0
Static Load Capacity : 0
Dynamic Load Capacity : 0
Racking Load Capacity : 0
PO Weight : 0
PP Weight : 0
Truck Load Stack : 0
Full Truck Load Capacity : 0
40ft Container Stack : 0
Full Container : 0
Handling Unit : 0
Material : N/A
Previous SKU : N/A
Stackable : No
Condition : New
Board Thickness : 0
Top Lead Board : 0
Number of Runners : 0
Notched : No
Heat Treated : No
Ext Dimensions : 0
Int Dimensions : 0
Tare Weight : 0
Weight Capacity : 0
Int Volume in Gallons : 0
Stack Load : 0
Full 40ft Container Load : 0
Available Colors : None
Product # : N/A

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Stackable Plastic pallets
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