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Racking and Shelving

Racking and Shelving B&G Industries is your source for new and used pallet racking and decking systems.

Portable Pallet Racking (5)

Need to use more of your warehouse space? Whether you have fixed racking or no racking at all, Portable Pallet Racking can solve your problem. With Portable Pallet Racking you can add temporary storage space, and Bulk Storage. There are several styles of portable racking, Stacking Frame, which converts your wooden pallet to a portable pallet rack and all steel Stack Racks, which you can use as a pallet or insert your pallet load.

Knock-down Portable Racking (3), All-Welded Portable Racking (1), Nestable Portable Racking (2), Stacking Frames - Convert Your Pallets to Racks (1)