Stacking Frames - Convert Your Pallets to Racks

If you are looking for a way to stack fragile objects, boxes, rolls, or non-conveyables for bulk material handling? If so, stackable pallets are the best storage solution for you. Stackable pallets are easy to assemble and provide the best option for material handling. Facilities often use stacking frames to store crushable items and products that do not stack naturally. Stackable pallets are safe, heavy-duty and provide more storage in less amount of space.

There are a variety of stackable pallets for materials handling. Stackable pallets come in diverse catalog of dimensions, materials, and utilities. Your storage needs dictate the type of pallet you will need in your storage facility or shipping warehouse. Stackable pallets are designed hold a full load while connected to two or more other stackable pallets. Stackable pallets are light weight but securely hold your products in place.

In addition to standard stackable pallet options, B&G Industries offers solid deck pallets, and pallets designed to store cans, drums, or automotive materials.

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Portable Stacking Frames

Portable Stacking Frames

BG4840SF, BG484060SF, BG484848SF, BG484860SF, BG606048SF, BG606060SF

Stacking Frames attach to pallets for product storage and stacking, 2,000 lb.

Pallet Stacking Frames are great for secure storage of crush-able items, odd size products that do not allow double or triple stacking of pallets. So use your airspace, not your floorspace!

Frames attach to your warehouse pallets to provide safe storage of products. Requires little storage space when not in use. Frames snap on pallets for easy assembly.